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The Positive Reviews from our Clientele

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We have proven reliability, integrity, and quality workmanship.
All our clientele favor us a top rating, trusting us fully to work on their homes.

All references can be contacted and we will provide such contact information upon request

Here are (excerpts) what our clients have to say:


Robert helped us design and complete a full remodel of the bathroom on the mezzanine level of our loft.  He added a small walk-in closet to that mezzanine.
The end result is absolutely stunning in the quality and precision of the work and in the esthetic outcome.  
I am now looking for a new home and believe me, few bathrooms I look at in these completely renovated homes present with the quality of work Robert produced.  I know I will ask him to help me again in the future.  Thank you Robert for your integrity and talent!

-- Mario L., San Francisco



Robert was an incredible professional to work with. Very clear and transparent, detailed in our discussions of what needed to be done, and kept channels of communication open. His bid came in a little higher than other contractors, BUT literally 100% of all those other contractors I contacted flaked, proved unresponsive, gave us slipshod diagnoses, but by contrast Robert clearly outlined how he came to his bid while being an absolute professional along the way (part of his bid also included a very prudent "worst-case scenario" being built in, which meant that we came in under budget when no worst-case scenario arose, but meant we had properly budgeted in case things went bad).

Would highly recommend Extra Care Contractor to anyone, and I will happily use Rob again for future work.

-- Chris L., Berkeley



"During the entire remodeling project, I was on the east coast and entrusted Robert with the tasks at hand. He updated me via email every Friday with a progress report including pictures of work performed. I came back to find -- on time -- my entire condo completed as contracted. The work was done beautifully and the entire condo was cleaner than when I left!"

-- Ellie W.  San Francisco


"Contemplative, even tempered guy with a sense of humor that comes in handy when encountering unpleasant surprises inside a ceiling or wall. His expertise in addressing unexpected problems as part of planned construction, the quality of his workmanship, and his trustworthiness are why we continue to use and recommend him.

-- Kermit B.  San Francisco

"Thanks very much for a wonderful job on our new door. The workmanship is amazing..."


-- Terry G. Oakland


"I've used him twice (two different homes) for work on a bathroom remodel and a kitchen. His team is superb. The pricing is competitive (believe me I've talked with dozens of contractors) and any changes I wanted were done with clear pricing adjustments. I've recommend him to several people and we are all very happy with his work. He even worked on a friends kitchen that another company did badly. His contracts are clear and pretty standard when it comes to hiring someone to remodel. I highly recommend him."

-- Jessica M.  San Leandro


"You did beautiful work repairing and replacing my front steps and front porch this past winter. You planned carefully, explained things thoroughly, used quality materials..."

-- Sharon W.  San Francisco



He is a real professional with amazing, Swiss-grade skills and precision. He sweats the details even more than I do... and I'm a picky, hard-to-please customer.

He has done several projects for us around our house - everything from hanging heavy, expensive framed artwork extremely precisely to align with each other to renovating our guest bathroom. One time he came to reinforce our deck balcony and ended up spotting and consulting on stress cracks on a load-bearing wall caused by settling of our foundation...no task or subject matter is too big or too small for him!

I strongly recommend him to any person who cares about quality and wants it done right the first time. It's good to know craftsmanship and quality still survives in this age of corner-cutting!



-- Dr. Anca S.  San Francisco



"Thank you so much for the lovely suite you built for my son and me. Your exceptional handiwork and attention to detail have contributed to a very pleasant, comfortable, and workable space for the two of us to enjoy for years to come. I also want to thank you for always keeping me aware of the progress and cost of the job. You explained everything along the way in detail and you always took my concerns and ideas into consideration."

-- Angela "Princess Jasmine" K.   Piedmont

"As a long-time client, I wish to both vouch for his skills as a handy man (that is as an electrician, plumber, carpenter and tile setter, among his other capabilities) and his general intelligence, competence and common sense (surely an uncommon quality today). He has performed work employing each of these skill-sets and has also conducted research for me that has yielded thoughtful, innovative solutions to complex problems..."

-- Robert .A.  Pacifica

"He is a perfectionist... But don't let that give you the idea that he isn't flexible. While he offered me guidance on much about the fixtures and design of the bathroom, he also listened to my ideas and choices. I appreciated his ability to help me make choices as well as his ability to work with the ones I had made. He'll be back the next time I have work to be done."

-- Ron M.  San Francisco

"I am an architect in the East Bay, and I have worked with him on a number of projects. He is a very skilled craftsman and does exceptional work. He is great at finding solutions to lots of different problems, and he does so with good design in mind. He is clear, thorough, on time and reliable.

-- Kate S.  Berkeley



A contractor with Swiss precision (unsurprising, as he is from Switzerland). He's done numerous amazing jobs for us over the last year, including building a beautiful room in our attic; creating gorgeous built-in cabinets and counters for our kitchen; and too-numerous-to-count small jobs like installing outlets, locks, sinks, gates, etc. He is the rare contractor willing to do small jobs in addition to larger projects. Robert is fully licensed, has incredible attention to detail, is capable of doing all aspects of jobs, and bringing in qualified and courteous subcontractors when needed. I have recommended him to several friends and wholeheartedly recommend him to you!?

-- Scott S.  San Francisco



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